Corporate Information

Decision Making Tools

With information at the core of our services, we offer a full suite of decision making tools. This suite includes scorecards, models, benchmarking, analytics, consulting services and software solutions to facilitate best practice decisioning in credit risk management. One specific area of expertise is the establishment of Credit Bureaus in emerging credit markets and hosting, managing and providing credit and related data to customers, either directly or through our partner agreements.

Technical Know-how

Our strengths lie in our technical know-how, highly skilled & experienced employees and in our hands-on approach to designing and providing the right product and services for each client. Our clients include local and international banks, micro-finance institutions, hire purchase agents and SMEs in various industries worldwide.

Access to Credit

We are a key enabler in reducing credit losses in the market, thus facilitating increased lending to qualified borrowers. By increasing access to credit for a larger segment of the population, it has been proven this can lead to improved general standards of living, encourage investment and stimulate economic growth.

Integrated Management System Policy

Read the full policy here.

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