In the middle of the forest and sugar cane plantations there is a town called Georgetown. There is an office in Georgetown, a Creditinfo office to be precise. Elsewhere in Georgetown are banks, each with their own banker who is possibly right now sitting and smoking on an old wooden terrace, watching the day go by. Do you want to fly in an airplane made in 1969 over some of the richest, most unspoiled rain forests in the world?



Our first experience in Africa! Central Bank of Sudan. We put our hands into the river Nile immediately after we landed. The day after, we proudly announced “No crocodiles in the river Nile!” The client smiled and said “They were there, of course, but you were just not good enough as a snack.” Experience is priceless, especially when you can get it without being eaten by a crocodile.



We are always happy to see our friends and colleagues in ICS in Iran, their beautiful homeland. Long-time partnership and many implemented solutions, this is our common history. A fun fact to share, apart from many other splendid things, Iran has the best pistachios in the World!



La-Dee-Dah. Just a local company called Pefindo decided to set-up the biggest private credit bureau in the world and they invited us to help. So we keep rollin’. 300.000.000 consumers in the database, this is our obsession! Do you possess what it takes to join a Creditinfo mission? Scroll down and tell us something interesting about yourself!



Great people, splendid cuisine, and some of the best wines in the whole world. This is Georgia, and notably Tbilisi, and we are crazy in love with it. Thanks to our business partners and colleagues, we always feel welcome there. Georgia is a treat for history buffs, as each nook and cranny of the cities and landscapes is etched with a tale of a forgotten world that gave birth to the rich culture of this fabulous country.



Three of us coming to Kabul also meant two armored cars, two guards, two drivers and one paramedic in the team. To round things out, we brought our very own hammer-wielding Asgardian, Thor, from Iceland. The hotel may have seemed like a fortress and yes, we could even hear gunfire in the distance, but security training and protocols became the daily routine. As Thor says: “A boring stay in Kabul is a good and safe stay!”


South Sudan

We have to admit, South Sudan is still one of the most surprising implementations so far. A lot of stories, many unexpected situations and one proud nation at the dawn of its existence. Do you want to explore South Sudan? You’d better get a car, a big, four-wheel drive SUV. The roads are dusty and can break the faint of heart.

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